Moody Teal V2 - Lightroom Mobile Presets - AR Editing

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Moody Teal V2 - Lightroom Mobile Presets

Moody Teal Lightroom Presets (Mobile) designed especially to speed up editing workflow in your travel photos. Just one click and you are ready to go posting your favourite travel photos on social media. It's perfect for outdoors and landscape photos of beaches, sea, mountains.

Please remember that presets are a great starting point and often work with one click but they will work differently on each photo depending on the exposure, colours, etc. Although All of my presets have been tested on a variety of photo, it is impossible to have a one-click solution work for every type of photo which is based on lighting, skin tone, white balance, colour, etc.

So if the preset in your photo doesn't look perfect, try to make some small changes and corrections to achieve a stunning result. Use this preset as a base for your perfect photo.
Spark your creativity and bring your photos to the next level.

Note: This Preset comes in DNG format and can only be used in the Lightroom Mobile App.