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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

coconut - Lightroom Mobile Presets

The Coconut Preset Lightroom will add beautiful, coconut-style tones to your photos. This preset will make your skin look smooth and tanned, and will fade out yellow, greens, aqua, blues, purple, and magenta. These presets are perfect for Instagram Influencers, travel bloggers, and everyone who to their photos to the next level in just one click.

You can use these presets in the mobile version of lightroom with a very easy install, Work well with iPhone and Android devices, easy to apply, with just one click. You just need to download the Free Lightroom Mobile App. Works with & without Adobe subscription.

My presets are tested on a range of different photo styles, please keep in mind that all presets run uniquely with each photo depending on several factors such as lighting, white balance, tone, etc. So if your photo doesn’t look perfect, you may need to adjust some settings in the light or color panel to achieve the best results. Use this preset as a base for your perfect photo.

Note you may need to do after applying this preset:

🌟 If skin color is too bright/dark after using this preset, go to the "color - color mix - orange color", decrease/increase the saturation or luminance.
🌟 This preset is created without exposure/white balance adjustments so you may need to adjust those manually since every photo is different.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the DNG files.

2. Import the DNG files into your Lightroom mobile app as you would any image.
3. Select the DNG image, tap on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner and choose Copy and Paste to your photo, or choose to Create Preset, to save the presets in your lightroom.

Preset is the best assistant and easily improves photos. You will get all the secrets of editing in one click! Find other presets that suit your style on my channel to help you gain more traction on Instagram with consistency in your Instagram theme.


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