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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

HDR - Lightroom Mobile Presets

Take your photography to the next level with our high dynamic range (HDR) Lightroom Mobile presets. Experience deep colors, enhanced details, and striking contrast that will make your photos truly stand out. Whether you're capturing city landscapes, architecture, urban style, or any other subject, our presets will add depth and dimension to your images. Don't settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary. Try our HDR Lightroom Mobile presets.

My presets are tested on a range of different photo styles, please keep in mind that all presets run uniquely with each photo depending on several factors such as lighting, white balance, tone, etc. So if your image doesn’t look perfect, you may need to adjust some light or color panel settings to achieve the best results. Use this preset as a base for your perfect photo.

Note what you may need to do after applying this preset:

🌟 This preset is created without exposure/white balance adjustments so you may need to adjust those manually since every photo is different.

Presets are a great way to save time, easy to use, With one click, you can fully customize and adjust them to fit your style. This preset includes mobile format (.dng) so you can easily edit it on the go with your phone/tablet device. These presets will be handy wherever you go! you will be ready to go posting your favorite photos on Instagram.

Additional Information:

▪️ Fully customizable
▪️ Works with & WITHOUT an Adobe subscription
▪️ Once downloaded can be used an unlimited amount of times
▪️ You don't need any professional knowledge of Adobe Lightroom to use our presets

Installation Instructions:

 Download.DNG Files and Import them to Lightroom.
 Once you have added and opened the DNG file, click on the three dots in the top right.
 Select Copy Settings and Paste to your photo, or -
Select 'Create Preset', allowing you to save the preset.
Name your preset and save it.
To find the preset you saved. In the Edit Mode head onto 'Presets' > 'User Presets' > Click the preset you have created before.

Add a new preset to your collection and makes stock photos look amazing!