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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Moody Earth - Lightroom Mobile Presets

Transform Your Photos with Moody Earth Tones. Immerse your photos in the rich, moody tones inspired by the beauty of the earth. Our presets enhance landscapes, making every shot a mesmerizing journey through natural hues.  No more complex editing processes. Our Moody Earth Lightroom Mobile Presets guarantee an instant wow factor, allowing you to achieve a polished, moody look without spending hours behind the screen.

Why Lightroom Mobile Presets Are So Powerful?

Save your time editing
You can fully customize and adjust them to fit your style
Designed for JPEG and RAW files.
Compatible with IOS and Android mobile
Easy to use, download instantly

Presets are a great way to save time, easy to use, With one click, you can fully customize and adjust them to fit your style. You don't need to spend hours in Lightroom, you will be ready to go posting your favorite photos on Instagram or Facebook.

The result of using presets may differ depending on the equipment used, such as the camera, object, or lighting types. Therefore, photographs may need to be corrected, even when testing presets on those, taken in different settings. Considering all these factors, ensure your convenience and high quality of the final photo. This problem can easily be solved by making small adjustments to your picture so the preset can suit it your way.

Be noted!

• These presets are created without exposure adjustments so you may need to adjust those manually since every photo is different.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the DNG files.

2. Import the DNG files into your Lightroom mobile app like any image.
3. Select the DNG image, tap on the 3 dots icon in the upper right corner, and choose Copy and Paste to your photo, or choose Create Preset, to save the presets in your Lightroom.

Find other presets that suit your style on my channel to help you gain more traction on media social (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) with consistency in your Instagram theme. So many styles to choose from, transform your photos and give them that amazing look.


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