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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Versace - Lightroom Mobile Preset

Elevate your mobile photography to luxurious heights with our exclusive Versace Lightroom Mobile Presets – crafted to infuse your images with sophistication and elegance. Transform your photos into works of art with our meticulously designed Versace Lightroom Mobile Presets, curated to enhance every detail and bring out the opulence in your shots. Elevate your social media presence with our Lightroom Mobile Presets, carefully tailored to give your photos a polished and refined look that stands out from the crowd.

Bring out the best in your photos and make them stand out from the crowd. Elevate your photography with the Cream Lightroom Mobile Presets – your shortcut to a beautifully curated and visually captivating online presence.

Why Lightroom Mobile Presets Are So Powerful?

Save your time editing
You can fully customize and adjust them to fit your style
Designed for JPEG and RAW files.
Compatible with IOS and Android mobile
Easy to use, download instantly

The result of using presets may differ depending on the equipment used, such as the camera, object, or lighting types. Therefore, photographs may need to be corrected, even when testing presets on those, taken in different settings. Considering all these factors, ensure your convenience and high quality of the final photo. This problem can easily be solved by making small adjustments to your picture so the preset can suit it your way.

Be noted!

• These presets are created without exposure adjustments so you may need to adjust those manually since every photo is different.


🤍 Download the DNG Preset: First, make sure you have downloaded this preset before.
🤍 Open Lightroom Mobile: Launch the Lightroom Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.
🤍 Import the DNG File:
    • Tap the '+' icon at the bottom of the screen to open the import options.
    • Choose 'From Files' if you downloaded the DNG preset from the internet or           'From Camera Roll' if the DNG preset is in your device's gallery.
🤍 Select the DNG Preset: Navigate to the folder where your DNG preset is located and tap on it to select it.
🤍 Open the DNG in Lightroom: After selecting the DNG preset, Lightroom Mobile will open the file. It will appear as an image.
🤍 Create a Preset: If you haven't created a preset before, you'll need to do this first. To create a preset:
    • Tap the '+' icon next to 'Presets'.
    • Give your preset a name.
    • Choose a group for your preset or create a new group.
    • Adjust the settings as per your DNG preset settings.
    • Tap the checkmark or 'Save' to create your preset.
🤍 Apply the Preset: With your preset created, it will now be available under the Presets panel. To apply it:
    • Scroll through the presets and select the one you just created.
    • The preset settings will be applied to your DNG image.
🤍 Fine-tune if Necessary: DNG presets are a great starting point, but you might need to make additional adjustments to suit your specific image. You can tweak settings like exposure, contrast, and color to get the desired look.

Add a new preset to your collection and make stock photos look amazing!