Macbook Cam - Lightroom Mobile Preset - AR Editing

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Macbook Cam - Lightroom Mobile Preset

Unlock the true potential of your photos with our exclusive Lightroom Mobile preset, designed to emulate the sleek and sophisticated aesthetics of MacBook filters. This preset brings an aesthetic look to your images. Making every photo look effortlessly chic and Instagram-ready.

Imagine transforming your everyday snapshots into stunning works of art with just one click. Our preset enhances colors with subtle sophistication, balances light to highlight the finest details, and introduces a polished finish that makes your photos stand out in any feed.

Don't settle for the ordinary. Elevate your mobile photography to new heights with our MacBook-inspired preset. It's not just a filter; it's a gateway to a world of creative possibilities, enabling you to achieve professional-grade edits on the go. Join countless satisfied users who have already transformed their photo game with this essential tool. Get ready to impress your followers and elevate your aesthetic with the ultimate Lightroom Mobile preset that captures the essence of MacBook's iconic filter style.

To create a beautiful preset with consistent results, we test our filters on different pictures. Please keep in mind that every single picture is unique in its own way like the lighting, camera setting, etc., therefore the results of the preset may sometimes differ. This problem can easily be solved by making some small adjustments to your picture so the preset can suit it your desired way.

Try to make some small changes to find the best settings for your image, like need to fix the exposure after applying this preset! because this preset is created without exposure adjustments, you may need to adjust those manually.

While Lightroom presets can be incredibly powerful tools for quickly applying a specific look or style to your photos, there are several reasons why further adjustments might be needed after applying a preset:

1. Varied Lighting Conditions: Presets are often created under specific lighting conditions, and if your photo was taken in different lighting, the preset may not perfectly match. Adjustments to exposure, highlights, and shadows might be necessary to optimize the image for the lighting in your specific photo.

2. Individual Photo Characteristics: Each photo is unique, and presets are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Your image may have different colors, tones, or textures that require additional tweaking to achieve the desired result.

3. Subject Matter: The subject of your photo can influence how well a preset works. For example, a preset created for portraits might not be suitable for landscapes without some modifications. Fine-tuning is often needed to cater to the specific characteristics of your subject.

4. Personal Preferences: Presets are designed with a certain aesthetic in mind, but your personal taste may differ. After applying a preset, you might want to make additional adjustments to match your artistic vision or to suit the mood you're trying to convey.

In summary, while presets can significantly speed up your editing process and provide a fantastic starting point, they are not a one-click solution for every photo. The additional adjustments allow you to customize the preset to suit the unique characteristics of your image and align it with your creative vision.

Installation Instructions:

 Download.DNG Files and Import them to Lightroom.
 Once you have added and opened the DNG file, click on the three dots in the top right.
 Select Copy Settings and Paste to your photo, or -
Select 'Create Preset', allowing you to save the preset.
Name your preset and save it.
To find the preset you saved. In the Edit Mode head onto 'Presets' > 'User Presets' > Click the preset you have created before.

Add a new preset to your collection and make stock photos look amazing!